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Accessories, chains, buttons, jewels, luxury finishes: MTWH is about crafting the finest forms of perfection with all-round inspiration and expertise, to realize unique pieces and customize any creative idea.

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The ethos driving MTWH in crafting the finest forms of perfection permeates the company’s approach towards the planet and its people.

Sustainability, ethics and social fairness are the milestones of every action, at all levels.

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Twice a year, MTWH creates a collection of unique inspiration pieces dedicated to key Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter trends. View them by accessing our reserved area.


23 November 2022

MTWH is happy to announce the acquisition of FIXO

MTWH is pleased to inform that our Group has now welcomed FIXO, an enterprise based in the Padua province, with more than thirty years’ experience in the design and production of small metal components (rivets, eyelets, accessories and buttons), mainly for the fashion and sport industry.